Our development team love to develop challenging projects in the domain of Java-Android, Php-MySQL and J2EE. We also undertake development of HTML - CSS - Jquery mobile web apps which work cross platform on different mobile platforms - Black Berry, Iphone and Android.

Our development team is full of young boys and girls - of course Engineering grads , who don’t mind helping the UG students , in getting them involved as interns. Of course the UG guys must be from semester 7 preferably from CM , IT or EXTC streams , so that they can participate in the project development life cycle , right from understanding the customer specs to coding - testing and deploying.

As a helping hand to the students community our development team has a jotted down a list of projects , they are working on or have just finished working ON.

Title : Book Your Travel

Abstract : The purpose of this section is to state the Goal and Objectives of the Software Project. The project presented here is the Airline Reservation System. Airline reservations system is an integrated passenger processing system, including inventory, fa.....Read More

Submitted By : Chandan Pareek,Ronak Rathod (Trainee) at SCTPL
Title : Space Shooter

Abstract : The name of the game is Space Shooter. The game is about you, the player, given a mission to destroy as many enemies as possible till the time is out. The game is done. The game will be a single-player. The purpose of the project is to design and im.....Read More

Submitted By : Vaibhavi Kakade,Amol Palhade (Trainee) at SCTPL
Title : SellMyCar.Com (C2C)

Abstract : The project is developed using MVC-CI(CodeIgniter Framework). SellMyCar.Com is the website where one can easily find car of as per requirement or choice. To choose a particular car there are options like new car or used (second hand) car as .....Read More

Submitted By : Arjun Rajan,Dinesh Patil (Trainee) at SCTPL
Title : html 5 Game Development using java script(snake game)

Abstract : This snake game is created using html5 and java script.The canvas one of the best feature of html5 is used and little jquery to create a classic snake game.nitially a small sized snake appears on the screen which keeps running for the rest of the gam.....Read More

Submitted By : Dhruvin Sanghavi,Vikas Ambekar (Trainee) at SCTPL
Title : OS utilities

Abstract : OS-Utilities is used to make the searching technique more effective. The different pages in this project are: The main page, initially contains a slider in which all the latest products which have been launched currently and various utilities has.....Read More

Submitted By : Sachin Nandekar,Sumit Nalawala (Trainee) at SCTPL
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Students who are interested to work on Live projects with our development team ,
may contact Mr. Rocky Jagtiani - Technical Head or meet us at our development office , Chembur
Suven Consultants is a Training and Recruitment company , but we work on company projects so that our training team is up to date on Technology.

Project Managed by : Prof Rocky Jagtiani and his team.

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