Our development team loves to develop challenging projects in the domain of Java-Android, Php-AJAX-MySQL , Js-Node.js, ML-Python and iOS apps.

Our development team is full of young boys and girls - of course Engineering grads , who don’t mind helping the UG students , in getting them involved as interns. Of course the UG guys must be from semester 7 preferably from CM , IT or EXTC streams , so that they can participate in the project development life cycle , right from understanding the customer specs to coding - testing and deploying.

As a helping hand to the students community our development team has a jotted down a list of projects , they are working on or have just finished working ON.

Kind Note : Our team has compiled the problem definition & project abstract to help the student community. We expect each one {surfing this web page} to appreciate and respect our time. Any coding help or debugging would come at cost.

Feel free to mail your queries at or whats-app : Rocky Sir at 9892544177

We have lots of Android, iOS , python project ideas too. Our team would be happy to work out with you in your project implementation.